About Me


My paintings are a response to places I have visited and images I remember, whether it be from walking in the Lake District, the Himalayas or New Zealand. I am always affected by the sense of space and openness, but also often by man’s imprint upon the landscape and by his need to organise it.

I am interested in colour, mood and the general impression of a situation. The marks and surfaces in the environment provide me with information to use as a starting point. I work intuitively; some paintings contain strong figurative references whilst others are abstract.

I never know what the outcome will be and layer paint and rework surfaces; this often seems wasteful but it is from this process that my paintings develop. I turn the paintings regularly and need to feel that the balance is right for me at each orientation. Working on a number of pieces simultaneously I aim to respond with a spontaneity which is rich and refreshing.

On canvas I build up the surfaces with gesso before I start to paint but still find the immediacy of watercolour on paper both suggestive and exciting.

I am always inspired by the work of Peter Lanyon, Joan Eardley and Michael Porter.